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                        Here is some feedback from clients:  

I didn’t really know what to expect when I put myself into the Concealed Carry Multi State class. My expectations were low, thinking I knew more than I really did, but was I surprised! The instructor was very knowledgeable about all topics which were covered (important topics I may add). He also had a lot of personal experiences as well as other shared examples (life experiences). I liked the way the class was set up, hands on, interacting, & participation of the students. This was very impacting for me. I myself retain information much better when I’m engaged & interacting in the studies being taught.

Thank you so much for putting your time, effort, & passion into your course, I’ll be looking forward in taken other courses that you offered in the future. I will certainly give you an A+ when telling telling
others of your classes. - Bruce

I would highly recommend the Reality Check 101 class.  It is a combination of some lecture material, but mostly application through scenario-based training and debrief.  The instruction is offered in a very safe training environment, but is high energy and mentally challenging.  Very eye-opening for me, and I will be following up with the Reality Check 201 class. - David

I am very new to shooting, and decided to take a private lesson with 540 Tactical. My goal was
basically to be able to go to the range by myself for regular personal practice. But, I got much more
than I bargained for. James is highly qualified, a great communicator, and an inspiring teacher. I was
hanging on the edge of my seat for the entire session. James was extremely generous with the
information, as well as extra time beyond the three hour session I had booked. It was a life-changing
session, and would highly recommend classes with 540 Tactical. - Dave

This Concealed Carry Class is not a "cookie-cutter" type of class. James' teaching style covers the requirements along with related topics, and marries them all to the real world we all live in. You will not only learn the required elements, you will learn why they should be important to you and how they relate to your overall responsibilities. - Richard

The Defensive Handgun-1 class offered great background on why you would approach different situations in different ways, and how to stay safer while you do this. It also offers monitored hands-on live-fire training to promote the development of proven good habits. By the time the class was over I was shooting faster, more accurately and knew how the traits I learned in class would help keep me safer and help me protect my friends & family. It is a great starting point in your journey to being a safer gun owner and a better protector of those around you. - Dick

The class was very informative. I have taken another class since and plan to take more in the future. I have referred my friends and family to 540 Tactical also. - Gina

What a great class. Very informative and factual. I learned a great deal. Will be taking many classes from 540 Tactical Solutions. Highly recommend these guys! - Shelly

If you actually want to learn something , this is the class for you. Well-informed and thorough instructor. - Gary

​If you would like to learn laws and rights, how to be safe and how to get home, what to do in a violence situation and how to protect yourself and much more this is the right place to be. - Alena

Thank you to you and your staff for an excellent DPSST Unarmed/Armed Professional course. The concepts were well articulated and I came out of the course more confident and informed to deal effectively with the situations a Private Security Professional may encounter in the course of ones duties. Thanks again and let's keep in touch. -Tino

Great class! Would definitely recommend to friends." - Casey

"Thanks. We really enjoyed the class. It gave us lots to consider and to prepare for." - Debora

"Thank you so much for your expertise and knowledge that you delivered at your class the last two nights. I learned a lot!!!" - Sharon

"Thank you so much for a very informative, well presented and interesting class.  I appreciate your time and energy that helped me begin my experience with gun safety and physical awareness." - Jill

"Just wanted to say thank you, to not only to you but your wife as well, for providing a great class for us! I truly enjoyed it and will definitely pass a long a great referral to your classes." - Chan

"You will learn a lot in a fun way. He has you engaged and interested. The time flies by and you are almost disappointed its over. No matter how long you have been around weapons, these guys will teach you more." Anon

"Straight to the point and eye opening." - Anon

"Great class! Very thorough!" - Mike

"Fantastic instructor. Lots of great information delivered by James who is energetic, extremely knowledgeable, passionate about safety and keeps you fully engaged. I would recommend this to anyone even if they don't intend to carry. The safety awareness from threats that he opens your eyes to is priceless. Thanks James". - Jesse

"James, thank you so much for putting on a great class. I'll definitely be returning for future defense classes! For anyone else interested, I recommend him as a teacher. For 5-6 hours of classroom, it was easy because James is engaging and easy to follow along". - Paul

"That CHL class is a smoking deal folks - easily the best class I've taken so far". - Ted

"If you are considering or have ever thought about taking a Concealed Weapons class I would definitely recommend 540 Tactical and James Holman . This class was both educational and thought provoking. James made the 6 hours of class time fly by. He engages the whole class and has everyone participate. Don't let that scare you away, everyone is made to feel comfortable and included. If you are at all interested in your CHL than take this class from 540 tactical. You will be much safer and prepared to take on the huge responsibility of carrying a concealed weapon to protect yourself and those around you love and want to keep safe. Remember the main goal is to return home to your family safe and sound. Thanks James, It was awesome that you honored the 'first responders' with the class. Keep up the great work". - Ken

"Great class with a lot of info". - Sam

"James is an excellent instructor! Very professional, very knowledgeable. It's worth every penny". - Cori

​"Excellent class. James does a great job. Fast moving . Never boring. You can tell that James is committed to turning out responsible and equally committed gun enthusiasts. Looking forward to more classes with 540."- Karl

​"Great class, great instructor". - Keith

​"Thank you again. This was a good class, and you sure can't beat the price! I went mainly to pick up some hands-on fundamentals training, and I came away with some good stuff to work on (draw stroke, trigger control, and proper re-holstering). After I've got these skills a little more ingrained, I'll be planning to attend the Defensive Handgun-2 class". - Scott

"A huge thank you goes out to you and your team! Your class was very informing and helpful on many aspects of concealed carry. I plan on taking more courses in the near future." - Jordan

"Thanks again so much for the classes and for all the time you spent with us out at the range. You gave me a lot of new tools ,and I've now put them in my toolbox. I'm going to practice ,so that next time I do even better. You're a great instructor . Thanks again!" - Bob 

"I found instruction to be very sound which helped me learn at an accelerated rate.  I had never drawn from a holster with a live firearm before and came out of the class with a confident, smooth draw and felt safe the entire time.  It felt great to come away from the class having qualified for one of the DPSST qualifications shooting a sub-compact pistol. - Keoni

"I derived enormous benefit from my time spent training with James and his team. The information was shared in a format that was relevant and accessible to me as a newcomer to guns and gun safety. I appreciated the commitment to safety on and off the line as well as the attention to technical details. Time spent understanding situational awareness, while so obvious, is often overlooked."- Ranae

"I was fortunate to come across James. Not just because he patiently taught me invaluable self defense techniques; he also helped me understand and develop the necessary mindset to survive in a violent confrontation". - Paul 

"James has the unique ability to translate his knowledge of defensive tactics in a simple straight forward manner. After working with him on some defensive handgun skills, he recommended some subtle changes and I found them very effective. I would definitely recommend taking a class". - Mike

"I have known and trained with James for many years. You can have all the physical skills in the world but James has imparted upon me the importance of simple, effective physical skills combined with strong mental skills. Couple these lessons with his attention to detail and it has elevated my skill set 10 fold. His communication skills along with life experiences made it easy to learn and grow." - Bill

"First of all, each of the techniques I learned were safe at all levels during the course. The action/reaction drills were taught in a step by step manner and the repetitions to learn each skill was spot on. The training I received is a must for all levels of personal protection and safety." - Mark

"I have known James for several years now and one thing that always stands out is his discipline to develop consistency. Safety and the acute attention to detail has always been the order of things in our training time together. Again, safety always come first and improving skills second in every session we have had over the last few years. I would recommend James for any type of firearm training anybody would be looking to learn or improve on existing skills."- Rob

"I have had the opportunity to train with James individually and in a group setting. I highly recommend both. I believe gun ownership is a right that also carries a responsibility to knowledge, understanding and training. It has been said that in a crisis we will deteriorate to the lowest level of our training in terms of effectiveness in ending a threat. No training = no/limited effectiveness. Presumptive knowledge is dangerous. James has trained extensively and is a wealth of knowledge and skill. I look forward to future classes." - Ranae