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Concealed Handgun License Carry Permit Class in Portland

Remember, when you or your family's lives are in danger; the difference between prevailing and tragedy occurs in split seconds and usually real help is several minutes away. We help you survive in the gap between danger and help arriving. The key is to get started, so get signed up for a class and let's get training right away. With classes starting at just $40 it's never been a better time so get started.

Welcome to our web home. 540 Tactical Solutions is a highly reviewed personal and corporate security and personal self-defense training company. At 540 Tactical Solutions we offer a variety of self-defense and firearms training courses. We offer concealed carry, pistol, rifle and shotgun courses for all levels. Furthermore, we offer DPSST Armed and Unarmed, Active Shooter and workplace violence for schools, churches and businesses. We have courses specifically for women and juniors. Additionally, we offer specific “classroom only” courses for those folks looking for more information about firearms or self-defense but not necessarily interested in hands on training quite yet. Finally, we offer and conduct custom courses for private groups or special occasions so please don’t hesitate to ask.

When the moment of truth arrives, the time for preparation has passed.

​​540 Tactical Solutions

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While we teach the most current and effective defensive fighting skills we are different than most others in that we also emphasize and incorporate several key physiological principles into our training curriculum.

540 Tactical courses will teach you the critical skills necessary  to prevail in any threatening encounter regardless of your gender, size, background, skill set or experience level. 

                                       Effective Combatives. Warrior Mindset. Unbreakable Will.