DPSST-Unarmed Professional (DPSST-UAP): This course covers all of the elements contained in the Unarmed Professional Course as set forth by the State of Oregon Department of Public Safety and Standards. This course is 14 hours.

The skills covered in this class are:

  • DPSST Unarmed Course Curriculum
  • Closed book examination

Course requirements:

  • At least 18 years of age; and
  • Must have earned one of the following: A high school ​diploma; a General Education Development (GED) certificate; or a four-year, post-secondary degree issued by an accredited degree-granting college or university.​
  • Be of good moral fitness as determined by a criminal background check, department investigation or other reliable sources. A lack of good moral fitness includes, but is not limited to, mandatory and discretionary disqualifying misconduct as described in OAR 259-060-0300. 
  • Security professionals must demonstrate the Core Values of:
  •  Honesty
  • Good Character
  • Public Trust
  • Fair Treatment of Others
  • Respect for the laws of this state and nation