Welcome to our Defensive Handgun general information page. The Defensive Handgun courses at 540 Tactical emphasize safe gun handling as well as teaching extremely practical skills that have been proven effective in the real world. Our courses are designed in a progressive format to maximize learning and retention. Simply owning a gun or having a CHL no more equips you to prevail in a deadly force scenario than simply owning a piano makes you a pianist. Our Defensive Handgun courses are where the rubber meets the road. Of course, you should also check outwhat our clients are saying about these courses.

Our most popular courses are Defensive Handgun-1 and Defensive Handgun-2. Combine these two courses with one of our CHL courses and you will have a solid foundation to live a more assured and confident life. Of course, we offer even more intermediate and advanced level Defensive Handgun courses including Defensive Handgun-3 and Defensive Handgun-4. With enough time and training you may even achieve a Defensive Handgun Master Operator certificate if you can pass the Crucible Qualification Course as well as the other requirements of our Defensive Handgun-Master Course

In addition to the 540 Tactical Defensive Handgun series of courses, we offer specificWomen's Only Courses and of course we offer Private Handgun Skills Coaching for those who desire to learn in a one on one environment or with a very small group of friends. Finally, we offer NRA First Steps Pistol, NRA Basic Pistol and NRA Personal Protection In The Home for those who are looking for these specific courses.

Please take a few minutes and review the detailed course descriptions found on each class page and decide which one suits you best. We can't wait to train with you. Of course, please feel free to contact us via email or simply call with any questions.

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