NRA Basic Shotgun Shooting Course: (NRA-BS) This NRA course is designed to provide shooters with the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for owning and using a shotgun safely. This course is 8 hours.

*Rental gun/ammo available for $95 with advance reservation.

The skills covered in this class are:

  • Shotgun knowledge and safe gun handling
  • Ammunition knowledge and the fundamentals of shotgun shooting
  • Firing the first shots
  • Shotgun and shooting skills exercises and activities
  • Selecting and maintaining your shotgun
  • Continued opportunities for skill development

Course requirements:

  • Please bring all shotguns to class completely unloaded and in a case or gun bag and leave them there until instructed.
  • Must be 18 years of age unless otherwise approved.
  • Must be legally able to own and possess a shotgun.
  • Must be able to provide photo identification to verify age and residency.
  • A shotgun in good working condition- no sharing of shotguns permitted between students – ideally, we suggest the gun you use for personal/home defense.
  • 100 rounds of factory new shotgun ammunition- nothing larger than size 6 target, trap or birdshot. ABSOLUTELY NO RELOADS.
  • Approved shooting safety glasses- must fit over regular eyeglasses if you wear them. No safety goggles permitted.
  • Hearing protection- muffs preferred.
  • Baseball style cap with a bill (protects your face from flying brass).
  • Dress comfortable for indoors and outdoors wear layered clothes during winter months for outdoor courses.
  • Sturdy outdoor type shoes/boots for gravel and grass. No sandals, flip flops or open toe shoes.