540 Tactical Solutions Concealed Handgun License Carry Permit Class

Whether you are looking to obtain your concealed handgun license, learn how to properly use a handgun, brush up on other defensive firearms skills or are looking for non lethal classes such as pepper spray or practical self-defense we are here to help. With classes for women, kids and every day civilians as well as security and law enforcement professionals we are able to integrate tactics and curriculum and offer the most complete and effective training courses available.

Our mission is to help each student improve their skill level and achieve their goals in order for them to live more confidently in a rapidly changing society. We specialize in new, novice and intermediate level students and we emphasize Total Participant Involvement (TPI) training methodology. TPI takes an experiential approach that stresses active training and learning by doing. With over 45 courses to choose from, we are certain we have something for almost everyone. 

We have listed each course we offer along with a detailed course summary so please take a moment and review all the courses we offer and see what we have for you. Not sure where to start or what class is the best for you? Simply drop us a note or give us a call and we would be happy to talk through your options to find the best class for you.

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We get asked all the time what does 540 Tactical actually mean?

The answer is simple and complex at the same time. When confronted with a dangerous or deadly threat our bodies rapidly respond in five distinct physiological ways. One of these responses is the phenomena of tunnel vision. Having tunnel vision can create all sorts of problems for us. We teach you effective ways to overcome this dangerous physiological response. 

Very few people understand the concept of maintaining constant situational awareness. Even fewer understand the concept of maintaining 540 degrees of situational awareness. 540 degree awareness simply means that we maintain a constant awareness in the 360 degrees around us as well as the 180 degrees from top to bottom in the direction we are facing.

Before you call us paranoid or certifiably nuts, consider this. In our digital world of texting, emails, Facebook, Pandora  or even just day dreaming we  give up our most valuable weapon, which is our situational awareness which allows us to identify and avoid threats. Most victims are caught off guard. In fact, predators specifically look for those that are blissfully unaware.

When a threatening encounter happens, it will be sudden, violent and unforgiving. Our response must take into account collateral factors such as other threats, innocent bystanders, avenues of entrapment or escape and the list goes on. In short, we must observe and process a lot of information instantly and the ability for being tuned in to our surroundings is crucial to an effective response. This is why we are so adamant about teaching practical principles of situational awareness, specifically 540 degrees of awareness.