Welcome to our Rifle Marksmanship general information page. The Rifle Marksmanship courses at 540 Tactical emphasize safe gun handling as well as teaching extremely practical skills that have been proven effective in the real world. Our Instructors have been fortunate to spend an enormous amount of time training within several notable programs such as Project Appleseed and the Civilian Marksmanship Program and it never hurts that we have spent quality time training with former precision rifle world champions. 

True marksmanship is quickly becoming a lost art in this world of video games and the spray and pray mentality that some have. I am always amazed how many people cannot even hit a 48 inch target from a bench rest at 100 yards. It doesn't have to be that way, with just a tiny bit of training, we can get that fixed for you in a jiffy.

The reality is many of our actual shots fired with a rifle will be in unsupported positions whether we are hunting or target shooting. Almost certainly, our shots fired in a defensive situation will be fired from an unsupported position. The fundamentals you will learn are rock solid and can be applied to so many other aspects of your shooting.

The Rifle Marksmanship series of courses are conveniently and affordably broken into four separate courses, each building upon the other. Starting withRifle Marksmanship-1  you will learn the essentials of firing from the prone position. Rifle Marksmanship-2 teaches you how to zero your rifle properly, engage multiple targets and teaches you rapid fire skills. 

Rifle Marksmanship-3 emphasizes new techniques to teach accurate firing from sitting, kneeling and standing positions. Rifle Marksmanship-4 teaches you how to address and compensate for the critical factors of distance, gravity and wind. You will also learn the essential skill of how to Battle Zero your rifle. 

Best of all, these are low cost courses that are perfect for the family, hunters, youth groups or virtually anyone that ever would even consider shooting a rifle. With the option of using either a .22 or any centerfire rifle it has never been easier to become a true marksman.

With the best weather of the year coming up it's never been a better time to sign up. Of course, please feel free to contact us via email or simply call with any questions.

Rifle Marksmanship Courses