Welcome to our Defensive Shotgun general information page. The Defensive Shotgun courses at 540 Tactical emphasize safe gun handling as well as teaching extremely practical skills that have been proven effective in the real world. By design, we only teach courses for pump action shotguns. We love our semi autos and we even own some but for home defense reliability and simplicity we only recommend a pump action shotgun.

A shotgun is the primary weapon of choice for home defense for many people for good reason. It multiplies the force you can project in a defensive scenario quite a bit over a handgun. However, just because you own a shotgun doesn't necessarily equip you to use it when you feel your life is in imminent danger. Contrary to the movies, there is more to effectively utilizing a pump action shotgun than pointing and pulling the trigger. 

Our most popular course is Defensive Shotgun-1. Combine this course with one of our Defensive Handgun Courses and you will really round out your skills to deal with the most common threatening scenarios. Of course, you can progress to Defensive Shotgun-2 or sign up for NRA First Steps Shotgun or NRA Basic Shotgun. 

Please take a few minutes and review the detailed course descriptions found on each class page and decide which one suits you best. We can't wait to train with you. Of course, please feel free to contact us via email or simply call with any questions.

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