Situational Awareness- SA-1- This class is a must take for anyone 13 or older. It is the class most likely to save you from ever finding yourself in harm's way. Quite literally, we feel it's the most important class we offer. In just 2.5 hours we will teach you some basic essentials necessary to detect, deter and if necessary defeat violent threats. This is not your typical course. It is a one of a kind, never presented before course with cutting edge skills any person can learn and apply.

There is a school shooting an average of once per week in the United States. There are more sex offenders in Oregon preying on people than ever before. Ideological threats are on the rise at alarming levels. National crime statistics bear out that unaware and unprepared soft targets are the prey of choice for evil. They also reveal that a violent crime is committed every 5 seconds in our country, many of which are avoidable.

These threats come in all shapes and sizes. Worse yet, many of these threats are hiding in plain sight. Typecasting has some relevance but is no longer reliable. The face of evil is ever changing to achieve the same ugly goals of devouring all good people in its path. We all know it and we are all sick of it; and watching the news has become a morbid affair that drains our emotions.

The first step to avoid becoming a victim is to acknowledge the threats are real. The second step is learning some very practical situational awareness skills that will enable you to detect, deter, and defeat the evil in this world that seeks to harm you and your family. The instructors for this seminar are both highly experienced in personal and family protection as well as being well versed in recognizing and addressing threats.

James Holman is a former Law Enforcement officer and has spent a lifetime in the personal and family security arena. He is the founder of 540 Tactical Solutions, a leading security and defensive firearms training company that specializes in training and equipping civilians, business professionals, armed security, private investigators and law enforcement officers.