Welcome to our Women's Only general information page. The Women's Only courses at 540 Tactical are specifically designed to address many of the issues and concerns that are specific to women. All of our firearms classes emphasize safe gun handling as well as teaching extremely practical skills that have been proven effective in the real world. In addition, they address the full spectrum of issues ranging from concealed carry with small kids to the real threats posed by living or even working alone. 

Let's face it, men and women are different and certain things that work for one may not work for the other. Have you noticed that it seems like many guns were made for strong, experienced gunfighters or self defense skills only work for burly MMA guys that train for years? We can quickly help you wade through your options and identify solid solutions to meet your defensive goals to live a far more assured and confident life. In fact, we specialize in this area. 

There are literally hundreds of  thousands of guns, calibers and configurations available in the marketplace today. Furthermore, there are thousands upon thousands of self defense techniques and tactics. We can't keep up with all of this and we do this for a living. While we do not profess to know everything, we have been able to experience and work through a vast amount of weapons systems and self defense techniques. 

The courses at 540 Tactical only teach skills, systems and tactics that are extremely effective, as well as very female user friendly. We teach you about disparity factors and how to overcome them utilizing force multipliers. Perhaps more importantly, you are being taught by someone other than your husband or significant other (we know how that dynamic works in the majority of couples).  If interested, we also have a short list of firearms and non lethal weapons we recommend. Essentially, we have taken the guesswork out of it.

We offer a wide range of courses specifically for women and can actually cater any course we offer specifically to a women's group. There is an old saying that says that you should never trust a cook that doesn't eat from their own menu. Similarly, our wives and daughters have all been through multiple courses, including the Concealed Handgun License, Defensive Handgun, Defensive Shotgun, Defensive Carbine, Women's Self Defense and Pepper Spray courses. We believe in what we are offering as it's the same as we teach our own families. 

Finally, we know that for some women, this can be intimidating. Our patient approach will quickly help you overcome any apprehension. We even offer individual Skills Coaching if you prefer to learn in that environment.

Please take a few minutes and review the detailed course descriptions found on each class page and decide which one suits you best. We can't wait to train with you. Of course, please feel free to contact us via email or simply call with any questions.

Women's Only Courses