Women's Self Defense-4 (WSD-4)  This course builds on the foundation learned in Women's Self Defense-3. At this point you have demonstrated an understanding and basic understanding of various combatives learned throughout the Women's Only Self Defense seriesThis course is 2.5 hours.

Often times attackers utilize various weapons for the purpose of intimidation or to bring us greater harm. Having an understanding of the most common weapons used by the bad guys and how to address the threat they present is a crucial element to our defensive arsenal. This course lays a very basic foundation of understanding as well as adding a couple of very effective combatives to your toolbox. 

This course is a combination of classroom and physical combatives training. Appropriate for ages 14 and up. All physical activity is practiced at your own comfort level. 

This course will cover: 

  • Women's Self Defense-1 review
  • Women's Self Defense-2 review
  • Women's Self Defense-3 review
  • Weapons defense / combatives
  • Moderate stress drills

Course Requirements:

  • Willingness to learn 
  • Positive attitude
  • Comfortable, gym or workout attire
  • Water bottle
  • Protein snack
  • ​Remove all necklaces, watches, bracelets, earrings and large rings